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PSR 400 G
General Spacifications

Specific steel griddle plate (10mm) to cook meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions... and also for fried eggs and omelettes… Healthy and quick cooking with the mirror smooth plate for a direct temperature transfer. Perfectly homogenous cooking without any loss of heat thanks to the Incoloy heating elements of electric versions or star burners with 8 arms for gas models. Easy cleaning: juice and grease draining in the removable drip tray. Stainless steel construction and reinforced insulation. Available in gas as well as electric models, in 3 dimensions. Electric version: 1 to 3 Incoloy heating elements, 1 to 3 commutators, 0-300°C, pilot lights, thermostatic pilot lights. Adjustable feet. Gas version: 1 to 3 star burners with 6 to 8 branches, control knobs with slow position, press button for Piezo lighting, safety thermocouples. Delivered in LPG with a set of NG injectors. Adjustable feet. Accessories: stainless steel cooking lid (53196SE & 53197SE) with hinges and temperature indicator for steamed cooking, stainless steel grids (GR53175 & GR53176) for potatoes and tomatoes.

Technical Spacifications
Power 3,2 kW
Outside dimensions 400 x 475 x 230 mm
Cooking surface 400 x 400 mm
Cooking area 1
Weight 22 kg