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GES 10
General Spacifications

The highly conductive cast iron plates spread heat evenly and give golden, crispy waffles in 2ʼ30 minutes. A removable drip-tray surrounding the bottom plate patented will collect any batter excess thus making it easy to clean. Features: on/off switch, thermostat 0 - 300°C, pilot lights. Surrounding tray for extra dough. (patented®). Delivered with 1 brush (F05054). Delivered with a fork for waffle. GES 23 delivered with a brush (F05054). Timer on request.

Technical Spacifications
Power 1,6 kW
Outside dimensions 305 x 440 x 230 mm
Waffl e size 100 x 170 x 22 mm
Weight 22 kg
Volts 230 V