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TPR 60
General Spacifications

Refrigerated counter displays meant for the presentation of cold starters, meat, fishes, vegetable etc. at the right homogeneous temperature +1°C/+5°C on GN containers. Specific homogeneous spread of the cold on the whole surface of the container. Regulation of temperature thanks to electronic thermostat. Draining device. Interior white-cold LED lighting system. Ecological injected insulation. Stainless steel construction and finishing in anodized aluminium. Easy cleaning: removable rear sliding doors in plexi, liftable curved front glass. Features: on/off switch, LED switch, compressor, condenser and evaporator, electronic thermostat, gas R134 CFC free. Delivered with 6 GN containers (TPR 60) or 8 GN containers (TPR 80) with a height of 40 mm

Technical Spacifications
PoWer 160 W
Outside dimensions 1450 x 400 x 260 mm
Inside dimensions 1075 x 335 x 150 mm
Weight 35 kg
Volts 230 V
Capacity 6 GN 1/3